Sephora Haul

Apologies if this is too girly but YES I WENT TO SEPHORA!!! Sephora is a big thing for U.K. Girls who don’t have it…we have boots and boots does not look or stock like Sephora. 

I bought 3 Sephora lipsticks, a new eye lash curler which actually fits to the shape of my eye…yay! An Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz which is a dream, I only wear it on nights out. Ow I’ve had hd brows but I love the definition it gives. An Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer which is amazing at hiding dark circles, a Sephora foundation and concealer brush,too faced better than sex mascara, Urban Decays nude Space Cowboy returns eyeshadow (very sparkly) , a blue Sephora eyeliner which is the exact dupe of Barry ms metallic blue eyeliner (a staple of mine), urban decay naked foundation…and the colour matches my skin so nice…it’s all the heart eye emojis. 

A dolce purse spray, Dan bought me the perfume in Gran Canaria last year and I love it for the sunny weather so I couldn’t resist a little purse spray. And 2 yes 2 too faced love light prismatic highlighters. Hear me out…the uk don’t have these. So I needed the white and pink one…I needed them….