Placed on a hill and intended to help the sale of houses in the Californian Valley, The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic sights in the world and we managed to get right up to it. Our tour guide found a secret spot away from tourist bus traps where it was just us and above, the alluminium letters. They were amazing to see. 

The view over the valley of the city and the Hollywood bowl was panoramic and breathtaking also. I have far too many snaps of it on my camera roll. 

What a view 

Jet lag and cramp from 10 hours sat down in a seat really has taken its toll on us but as we jumped at the car at The Beverly Wilshire (yes The Pretty Woman hotel) we knew we were in true Los Angeles. Sitting just off Rodeo drive, as we opened our hotel door, we could not have been more amazed at the view ahead of us towards our balcony. We completely ignored the room, which is stunning and will blog about it later… we literally ran to the balcony and awed in the panoramic city view. 


I’m sat 4 seats away from Ollie Locke from Made In Chelsea and this trip is already feeling special. I’m a real Made in Chelsea girl so my entertainment will be watching what he does and says for the next 10 hours, I hope he has some good gossip about the show.
We have chosen to go Premium economy on Virgin Atlantic from LHR to LAX and have been greeted with sooo much leg room and a cheeky glass of champagne before take off. This was a nice extra as I am rubbish on take off! 

We are currently over the ocean and I’m loving watching Bridget Jones’ Baby for the first time with no distractions, phones going off oremails pinging just pure movie watching. Dan is reading Carlo Anchelotti and seems to be turning many pages. We are 2 hours in to the 11 hour flight…

A couple more hours in and Dan has found the live football and has a Heineken to hand. I am now onto watching Fantastic Beasts and trying to sleep. I always think aeroplane sleep is awful, however we will see about that when we come home in first class!