Travelling Commences

One week before a crazy year of travelling commences, we have started the blog.
We really want to capture every moment of our travels and can’t wait to document each step. We have a packed itenary this year with a get-away booked every 3 months with many smaller trips in between. Dan and I are from Shropshire, UK and travel 2/3 times a week to London for work but this year we set ourselves the motive to travel as much as we can and see a bit of the world, the way we want to see it. We aren’t back packers, we like to save up hard and really go all out on our trips so there will be a few luxuries along the way, all made from the efforts of our hard work.

The suitcases are down from the loft and wide open, mine with many more clothes in than Dan’s already, but plenty of space to bring back momentos…and for me of course room for the Sephora haul I will be doing when we head to the USA…which is our first stop this year. We will be heading out to London for a night before heading on a Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner to Los Angeles for a week.



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