Bruno Mars

The man can move! Bruno Mars was amazing on his tour when he stopped off in Birmingham earlier this month. Only 3 days back from holiday, Jetlag had really got me, but that didn’t stop us from dancing all night. Hit after hit came out and he had amazing moves to go with every song. He schmoozed us with his love songs and his ever changing stage behind him flashed up with words, colours and fireworks. My favourite songs were Versace on the Floor, 24k, chunky and when I was your man, and of course a throw back with marry you and runaway which got all the girls going. 


First Class

Coming home First Class on Virgin Atlantic from California was a real treat. We had our own little areas with a really comfy leather chair that sat up or reclined however you liked, you could even get the air hostess to make it into a bed for you. Taking off with your feet up and sitting side ways on was a new experience…it didn’t even feel like we took off! We were offered so many drinks and the duvet and pillow meant we got a good hour or so sleep in and woke up without a cricked neck. I managed to watch bad moms which was hilarious. It was an amazing experience and we were so lucky to travel that way, it’s a shame we were going home! 


Corey Seager heads up to the batting area, PUIG behind ready…

A real authentic American Sunday as we spent our Easter Day at The Los Angeles Dodgers ground watching their game against Arizona diamondbacks. It was 30degrees so yep it was boiling for us Brits. We stood for the national anthem and participated in eating an obligitary Dodger dog. We of course got dodgers jerseys and caps (we needed the caps or our scalps would have melted!!) 


Sprinkles​!! The best cupcakes ever. They come out of an ATM…and wow…they taste beautiful. American frosting is so much different to what we got in the U.K…its so sweet and they don’t go easy on it, there’s more frosting than cake usually! You go up to the ATM and pick what flavour cake, insert your card and wait for the magic! 

The Friends Sofa

I think you would have to be living under a rock since forever not to know what friends is…so to avoid the description…the sofa in the cafe…I sat on it!! I’m not convinced it’s the real one, but it’s in the real set that they used and surrounded by all the props they used, so that was really cool. This was one of my favourite moments of visiting Warner Brothers.


Dinner at Mr.Chows in Beverly Hills where all the celebs get their Chinese was a true experience. I once watched an interview where Kim Kardashian said that when Kanye went to jail, he had one phone call and he called mr.chows for take out. Now that’s impressive. Mr. Chows is also the backdrop where John Travolta has a dinner meeting in the OJ Simpson trials documentary. Needless to say we were looking forward to eating in there. 

We ordered a range of sharer dishes, each beautiful. A lady came out through our meal and did a presentation on making fresh noodles. We noticed she kept looking up as if to impress someone in a private dining room above us. When the peeps. Turned round the whole restaurant buzzed, we were in the presence of the one and only Mr. chow. multi restaurant owner and also Hollywood film star. 

Sephora Haul

Apologies if this is too girly but YES I WENT TO SEPHORA!!! Sephora is a big thing for U.K. Girls who don’t have it…we have boots and boots does not look or stock like Sephora. 

I bought 3 Sephora lipsticks, a new eye lash curler which actually fits to the shape of my eye…yay! An Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz which is a dream, I only wear it on nights out. Ow I’ve had hd brows but I love the definition it gives. An Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer which is amazing at hiding dark circles, a Sephora foundation and concealer brush,too faced better than sex mascara, Urban Decays nude Space Cowboy returns eyeshadow (very sparkly) , a blue Sephora eyeliner which is the exact dupe of Barry ms metallic blue eyeliner (a staple of mine), urban decay naked foundation…and the colour matches my skin so nice…it’s all the heart eye emojis. 

A dolce purse spray, Dan bought me the perfume in Gran Canaria last year and I love it for the sunny weather so I couldn’t resist a little purse spray. And 2 yes 2 too faced love light prismatic highlighters. Hear me out…the uk don’t have these. So I needed the white and pink one…I needed them….

The Ivy

The Ivy, Beverly Hills was absolutely beautiful. Wherever you look you cannot miss the huge bouquets full of roses on every table and shelf. The restaurant is like a country cottage, with pots, pans, knicks and knacks in every spare crevice. 

The plates had a distinct pineapple pattern which was obviously very instagramable. I chose crab cakes to start which were beautiful. And of course for dessert I had to try the red velvet cake. My mom had been before and told me I would love it. Feeling quite full I shared a piece with her and to this day that slice of cake tops my all time favourite pieces of cake I have ever had. 

Venice Beach

Graffiti and artwork on Palm tree trunks, skids and rolls from the skate park and the district aroma of herbal substance in the air…it’s deffinitely Venice. 

We stopped for a while and watched some of the guys skating so effortlessly and Dan picked up a board from the market shops. 


Placed on a hill and intended to help the sale of houses in the Californian Valley, The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic sights in the world and we managed to get right up to it. Our tour guide found a secret spot away from tourist bus traps where it was just us and above, the alluminium letters. They were amazing to see. 

The view over the valley of the city and the Hollywood bowl was panoramic and breathtaking also. I have far too many snaps of it on my camera roll.